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Parsers Podcast Notes

[00:00] Horrible Winter Holiday / Valentine's Day Cold Intro

[00:13] Disclaimer

[00:35] On Parsers

[01:20] Embracing Recursive Descent Parsers

[1:40] Parsers Show Up All Over!

[2:50] Some Naive Background on the Parsing Process

[4:25] Unicode-qua Parser

[5:05] Questioning Conventional Wisdom? Trade-offs in Parser-Generation

[11:40] Recap basic flow of parsing

[15:10] JavaScript Fanciness: Outlining Functions

[17:15] Backtracking

[21:30] How doth a tree grow?

[23:53] To hand-roll or to generate: that is the question!

[30:15] Engineer / Pig-Mud Equilibrium